Felting for beginners (myself included)

Hi everyone,
So I went to California last month with my Roommate and our goal was to haul EVERY “cute-cheap-asian” things we found. When we arrived, my roommate’ s aunt told us about Daiso, a super cheap Japanese import store. Many Californian probably know about this store already and I didn’t take a picture so this was what it look like.


Everything here are $1.50 except for marked items (that are like $3.00) STILL SUPER DUPER CHEAP!!! we were so fascinated by their craft section.! You guys should really check the store out if you have the chance to.

Anyways, about felting. I just started this activity myself so it won’t look as good as professional felters (?) But HEY! Keep on practicing and you will definitely become better at it!

I bought a lot of felting packages but the one that I did so far was The Panda’s head phone chain.


I bought this package for $1.50. It came with:
. Felting needle
. Fake eyes pin
. White & Brown wool
. Small chain
. Instruction sheet
You will need a dense foam felting pad because it wasn’t included in the package but it really didn’t surprised me because there were a lot of stuff in there already.

Followed the instruction, I separated the white wool into 3 big strips for the head, one small short strip to secure the chain for finishing step. For the brown wool, 3 equally strips for the ears, eyes and nose.

Here’s a very blurry picture that I got. Forgive me *sob*


The head :
Start folding the first strip and poking the wool with the needle. Keep on folding and add the other 2 strips around and Poke! Poke! Poke! until it become round and tight. Be careful not to poke your fingers when you’re at it like I did.


The ears:
Folding one brown strip and poke it like you did with the head but make a not so sharp angle triangle this time. BE CREATIVE ~~~ ( Leave a little fluff at the base of the triangle so you can felt it on to the head. do the same for the other ear.


Separate the third brown strip into 3 part ( 2 big part for eyes, one small part for the nose and mouth). The instruction said to put the plastic eyes in after you finish felting the eyes pad but I think it is easier to do so while you’re felting the eye pads onto the head. So just poke the plastic eye through the piece of wool you’re going to felt for the eyepad and poke it onto the head. Then felt it in oval shape.
You’ll get something like this (I was following the instruction at this point, but you should also have the eyes felted in with it)


And this should be how it look like side way


Nose and mouth:
The small brown wool piece can be use for nose and mouth. Remember, don’t use a thick piece for the mouth because it will look too bold (personal opinion)
So something like this..


Take out a thin strip from the finishing piece, pull through the loop of the chain and felt it in the middle of the ears so it stay securely. The rest of it, you can use to furnishing any part of the head that you think might need to be fixed..

Finally, Woahhlaaaa !!!!



Sorry for any grammar error. Please understand that this is my first time blogging a how to blog, it’s actually the first time I EVER blog… o(╥﹏╥)o
Thank you for putting up with me lol.
Feel free to leave any comments. Advises would be great too!!!~

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